Hank the Septopus

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Simone bought Hank her second year at TIP, Duke TIP West during her RAG's target trip for their RC night second week.

Notable Events

Despite being an inanimate object, Hank has made quite a splash at TIP.

Tipsync Appearance

Hank made a guest appearance for Sydney's RAG's Tipsync in 2016. The RAG performed with a mashup of songs including "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid. The whole RAG sat on the ground and pretended to be mermaids while Simone carried Hank around the stage. Hank enjoyed his 15 seconds of fame but will not attempt to extend his acting career.

Hank's Relationtip

Hank has had his first kiss, unlike many second years with RP scores as high as their grades. Alex kissed him on a dare one night at TIP West 2017. It started out as an innocent peck, but quickly turned into a steamy makeout session. Shortly thereafter, Hank was informed that Alex already had a relationtip and was just messing around. Hank was heartbroken, but has since moved on and would like to make it known that he is currently an eligible bachelor.

Care of Hank

Please do not bring Hank near any sharp objects. He has a fear of blades, and rightly so. If Hank does happen to be injured, there are patches stashed in the bottom inflatable section of Hank. If you run out of patches, just slap some FLEX TAPE on him it should do the trick. Please only inflate Hank while at TIP to carry on his tradition.

Hank's Legacy

Hank is on his way to becoming a relic of Duke West.

The line of succession so far:

Simone Kwee

Natalie Bardin