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The Hask is an East Term 1 relic that was started by Lauren Baron at the 2014 talent show.The hask was given to Yoon Jo who was told to do something with it. As described by Lauren Baron in 2016, it goes to someone "weird and willing to be out there - and funny". Between 2017 and 2018 the beloved Hask was lost to the horrors of the mail service. As such, a new Hask has been baptized, and will accompany its holder into the 2019 year, and the future.

Past and Current Hask holders:

Year Owner
2014 Lauren Baron
2015 Yoon Jo
2016 Rae Larsen
2017 Mac
2018 Talley Talley
2019 Mazie Witter
2020 Lilian Sylvia