Hat Guy

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Hat Guy (AKA Will) is a second year TIPster, known for never being separated from his hat. During the first dance at Davidson he was spotted hiding in a corner. However, by the second dance he had reaffirmed his ways and become a complete idiot on the dance floor. He attended Creative Writing at Davidson Term 2 2014. He was known to have affiliated with Kolya (the russian), Richie (the rich), Maggie (no adjectives to decribe), Reed (of "The Reed" fame), Morgan (Middle aged), and Adelaide (BOOP).

Hat Guy then attended East Term Two, missing Kolya, Richie, and Morgan, while Maggie, Reed, and Adelaide where still there. There he acquired a Duke Trucker hat from the store, and has been known to never take it off. His new gang has been thought to include Dave, Reece, Lindsey, Maggie, Reed, Alex, Christopher, Ruby, and Caroline. He attended Literary Licence Without Limits.