Haunted Places

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Haunted Places is a class at East, taught by Ms. G and Hanna. The class is most simply described as a literature-philosophy-anthropology-sociology-psychology course. In Haunted Places the reading material was "The Woman in Black", "Empire Falls", "The Turn of the Screw", "Woman Warrior", "Castle of Otranto",works by Edgar Allan Poe, and other bits throughout the course. One of the main components of Haunted Places was Ms.G's love for the TV show "Supernatural" and her ability to turn her students into lovers of the sometimes shirtless duo in a short three weeks.The official mascot of Haunted Places is Bogey who was carried by class members to class the first two days. Another would be the never ending inside jokes.


Term 2 2012 inside jokes:

Put a mustache on my finger.

Are we human, or are we DANCERS?!

Jimmy Jesus.

Castle of Otranto as Jersey Shore.


Man-drowning horse.

Bend and snap (God approves).


Now for the dead babies (no jokes).

Who wants to learn about hair?!

Don't kill people until you know them.

Je mange l'infants' (I eat children).

I cleaned up my cousin's pee... and I didn't get paid.

The Wandering Jung.

I can't wait to put Dean in a dress.

"The Wandering Womb" "woo-oo-ooo-oo-oo!"

The door doesn't love us... it denies us!

I would marry Sheldon in a heartbeat...all the good ones are gay.

I can tie a noose (for academic purposes)

Dead babies are more fun.

Are you ticklish? 'Cause you're gonna be!

Poe is a HACK.

Wack-o, Texas.

Ghosts= the Victorians white elephant in the room. (this was accompanied by a drawing of an elephant in a Victorian dress by Vivienne)

Lady Gaga IS a cultural haunting.

Whale as an MMA fighter.(this was accompanied by a drawing of a whale wearing a ghi and rice hat drawn by Allie)

Man in Black.

That's what all the lumpy people sound like to me.

Marxist Crit: Apples to giraffes.

Shirt-stealing monsters...Ahhh! (watch out Dean)

Voldy as the Woman in Black she-who-must-not-be-named.

Use your words, not your feet- unless your feet have words on them.

We have yellow wallpaper, why not yellow I.D. (yellow-eyed demon)

Babies are vain creatures.

I have half of a dog and she had two whole dogs.

WWBD (what would Buffy do)

Plural of Governess? governoxen, governae, governii, governeese, governooses?

Find your center...

"What kind of dead people?" "The DEAD kind."

and last I believe

Ghosts are a metaphor for awesome.

The class of 2012 was made up of Gavi, Clayton, Shehan, Corrin, Aly, Erica, Carly, Hannah, Claire, Isabella, Allie, Jesse, Caky, Vann (Lilli), Clara, and Vivienne.