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RC Winston Hayes Way, also know as Winston, Chad, Brad, Papa Brad, Dad, Chris, Daddy Big Boss, Mr. Way, Kyle, Natalie, Priscilla, and Father is a meme of a man and RC at Georgia Tech. He always dresses like a Chad. If you ever see Winston at a meal, you will see that he has several plates and several cups of water, which will most likely be wasted. If you have Winston as an RC, expect nightly RC group meetings to last no less than an hour.

Georgia Tech, Term One 2018

Winston's RC group at Georgia Tech Term One 2018, the Women Respecters, is well known for their record of respecting 52 women in one day. Jacob was an adopted member of this RC group. The women respecters participated in a sleepover on the last night, playing xbox throughout the night. David Rodgers and Ash both missed this sleepover for reasons unknown. The sleepover was attempted the night before, but was busted when RC’s heard yelling.