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Hazel Scott was an RC on the fourth floor. The 4D lounge was the most visited and constantly had people from every floor in it. She was easily the most tolerant RC as her group kind of sucked.

  • Hazel's Maple Marauders:
  • Alec H. (smelled good and was a chick magnet)
  • Kyler S. (a mysterious but cool dude)
  • Chris (who never showed up - what a noob)
  • Aravind U. (easily the smartest in this group)
  • Cameron W. (a friendly friend from Omaha)
  • Thane W. (a one-man band who wielded the Infinity Gauntlet)
  • Daniel W. (the tall dude that hyped you up even when you were feeling down)
  • Caleb X. (the one guy that was always late and always on his phone/computer)
  • Nathan Y. (the absolute G.O.A.T, this guy was an iconic legend)
  • Ethan Y. (Nathan's neighbor lololololololol)
  • Alex S. (legendary artist and designed the term book cover)

  • Awards and Stuff:
  • Fifth Place in the Thirsty Games (first place wins by Alec and Thane)
  • Most Homegrown in TiPsync (easily the best award)

  • Inside Jokes and Memories:
  • "Omaha means family"
  • Our RC group meetings taking an hour
  • Caleb ALWAYS on his phone
  • Nathan forgetting his lanyard (four times to be exact)