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og flamers, left to right - hel hel, rawryXD, beck heck, lil d

duke east squad that's great as heck and has a lowercase letter aesthetic (;

squad description

the heckboi flamers were formed during term 1 of duke east, 2016. it began as a group of second year girls from Chioma's RAG who enjoyed getting drunk from ben & jerry's ice cream during the random acts of kindness activity. all of the members are part of the tfb squad. the name was created after flaming one of beck heck's heckboi friends from her hometown. the flaming caused a group message between the four of them and was named the heckboi flamers by rawryXD. the name has stuck ever since.

every year, the heckboi flamers reunite at duke east term 1. they go to ben & jerry's on the first day of the term, get drunk off of ice cream, then return to campus. they also visit francesca's on their last day of each term. (edit: both ben & jerry's and francesca's have since closed. b&j closed 2017, so the flamers instead went to happy + hale their third year. francesca's closed in 2018.)

long live the heckboi flamers, a hecka spicy squad<3

squad members

  • becky rosen, aka beck heck (2016-2018): very cute friend who enjoys singing tøp and rocks rompers & joggers equally well!! has a fondness for older men, and calls everyone babe and/or dad. becky plays the instrument of squidward, and likes to wear tube socks and be a heckboi (but only on mondays). says heck a lotttt, and spends much quality time on the third floor of brown *wink wink* . the boiz pay her very well;)
  • helen emerson, aka hel hel (2016-2018): great kiddo who never fails to tell a suggestive joke(; has a cute smile & is quite hilarious when eating ice cream (cue drunk helen). hel's jokes typically criticize becky's dating/canoodling choices. is a good christian woman, and maintains a "stable" marriage to reed (thanks to the help of the best tip marriage counselors). due to recent actions, hel has been kicked out of the pta://
  • delaney epley, aka lil d (2016-2018): mom friend/cutie who is obsessed with her horse (one year relationship and still going strong!!). enjoys fudge cake pops from the cafeteria and calling boiz by the name of "asparagus". however, lil d still has many boiz after her and surprisingly keeps track of them all(; watches many murder shows and is very capable of murder! is great at roasting the boiz and slaying all dayy everydayyyy
  • rory smith, aka rawryxD (2016-2018): rad chick who makes an awful marriage counselor, though still refuses to be fired. she DIDN'T (wink) steal helen's husband and ruin her marriage to reed, bc seducing an older, married man would be wrong. rawry enjoys saying "blub" and spending time with her 'day'. master of the rbf, gives off hecka vibes. also enjoys eating delaney's star wars cereal and helen's trail mix:) vv lit friend
  • , aka (2017-2018):
  • franceseca vaneri, aka (2017-2018):

year overviews.

second year

heckboi flamers as 2nd yrs together at the last dance


  • random acts of kindness tipstar activity
  • ben and jerry's ^^ !!!
  • flaming an asparagus
  • pizza party and vandalizing the bridge
  • deep bathroom chats
  • palace pointe bowling
  • bittersweet trip to francesca's on the last day;(((
  • that time that rory's foot got stuck in a door
  • holding hands around the dining hall
  • foREARM
  • dads!!!
  • talking in the shade after meals
  • sleepovers with ocean noises
  • satisfaction
  • cheerwine floats and "playing" ultimate frisbee
  • 5k
  • our "days"
  • ruined rag nights due to awful weather://
  • beck heck's multitasking abilities
  • last night "sleep"over (the adventures of beck and rawryy)
  • running in the rain
  • sugared grape(hel), salted grape(rawr), sour grape(d), sexy grape(beck)
  • rawr&beck's trap trash


  • "one must not simply find a becky..."
  • "blub blub blub"
  • "you??! your type?"
  • "spiCY"
  • "he looks horrific... ugh, he looks like an asparagus"
  • "feel the tension... smell the tension...."
  • "he gets on my helen senses"
  • "i don't school"
  • "gogurt can i slurp what comes outta ur tube"

third year


  • ice cream party!!!
  • piano room movie party
  • chillin w matt and joseph
  • cartwheels through the halls of 1b
  • the pepper initiation


  • "wait... i found his mom... she's a gemini and used to live in tallahassee! i'm gonna find out everything about her!" -helen


In order for a TiPster to become a Flamer, she must be deemed worthy by the OG Flamers- Becky, Helen, Delaney, and Rory.

Furthermore, she must undergo the following "rituals" or rites of passage before being initiated:

1) She must flame a heckboi (chosen by the group) via text. She will have 24 hours to prepare for her flame.

2) She must have three consecutive "days" (chosen by the group).

3) Participate in "heckboi monday" with the Flamers (third monday of camp).

-note: Though a prospective flamer may be informed of her future initiation between camp sessions, the process described above may not begin until the first day of TiP.

After the TiPster completes the three tasks described above, she may be initiated. Details of the initiation ceremony are only disclosed to current flamers and not to be shared to anyone else.

Flamers must be a part of the Tfb or at least accepted by members of that group.