Helen S.

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Helen attended Duke West Term I 2016. It was thoroughly LIT. She raked in all the boys, including Leaf (like on a tree also he's under 5'3") and Steve (what a legend amiright). She freaking CRUSHED the morning runs. She also crushed her class, BOC, and was totally c00l.


So Helen was crushing her class and she finished her term project like two days before it was due. So fitting with her aspirations of becoming a surgeon she started watching greys anatomy. Unfortunately she got caught but played it off cool and is still beloved by all!!


Helen had a pretty lit skwad of Kes "I am named after a startrek character, make fun of me for it and I will put you on my fight list" Jackson, Lucy "getting freaky in the closet" clement, and Jo "I am a ho but only for sam/frick frack patty whack" McCormack. Jo does colorguard (omg)

(no wayyyyy)


Helen also was a MAJOR influence on the dab revolution of Duke west term 1. She dabbed incessently, effectively implanting the dance move into tip culture forever. It was then on seen at major events like the dances and quad fest, but also had just as an important role in the more mundane aspects of tip. It was not uncommon to see a dab gracing the halls as a courteous gesture to say hello. It was also a symbol of friendship. Those who's dabs had synched represented friendship to the highest degree. A synched dab left an imprint on each dabbers heart.

(colorguard!! wow!!)