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Hipster Parties were started on West Campus Term 1 2010.


The idea originated between four fourth year boys of Nathan's RAG, specifically: Ty, Arun, Shane, and Sam on the first Thursday of the term. Ty and Arun, realizing their affinity for Indie music and "hip" clothing, decided that the Hipster style must be celebrated in the most Hipsterish of ways: ironically dressing over the top Hipster while listening to pretentious music and dancing in weird but enjoyable ways. By making fun of themselves in ironic fashion, they furthered their identity as Hipsters. Tara the RC, quite the Hipster herself, promptly volunteered to supervise the party, allowing for it to continue without other RCs shutting it down.

Goings On

After deciding this during free time at 9:30, the four boys quickly dressed in hipster fashion, grabbed a radio with a line in for ipods, and ran up and down the halls telling people to join the Hipster Party in k commons. Parties included indie music, wild dancing, and plenty of artsy photo taking. Bands played at these parties included Animal Collective, of Montreal, Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Arcade Fire, and Neon Indian.

Second Week

For the second Thursday, Ty made flyers advertising the parties in K commons and recommending people to dress like a Hipster all day Thursday, creating Hipster Thursday. The party grew that evening, and even featured an appearance from OSD Jason and an interpretive dance by the RLC Thaxton.


During the 1st week of West Term 1 in 2011, two 3rd year girls who had enjoyed the TIP parties during the previous year, Zoƫ and Mallory, decided to throw a Hipster party of their own. This Hipster party was not as successful as those of previous years, and most people only came for the pizza, but the tradition lived on and those who were actually into it had a good time. The Hipster parties were discontinued in the following two weeks.