Hoe Slayer Hat

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The Hoe Slayer Hat is a blue IKEA bucket hat. It was originally Julian Gaffga’s, but he shortly gave it out to Madison, who bought her own hat. After her hat got to camp, Teddy Jones, seized the hat and claimed it for himself, and Julian justified it. Teddy nicknamed the hat “the hoe slayer hat”, originally as a joke, but then he went to the dance with Piper. Teddy realized this could be a trend, and shortly after passed the hat to Tyler Walley. Shortly after Tyler had the hat, he got with Alima, so he passed the hat to Brian. The second dance approached fast and Brian asked Emily to the dance, and so he passed the hat on to Nelson. The third dance, Nelson went to the dance with Maddie. Nelson passed the hat to Baron. At the third dance, Baron danced with Kaela. He then lost the hat and we think it is in the lost and found. As of right now, the Hoe Slayer Hat has a 100% success rate, with seven people slaying hoes (Julian/Fisher, Madision/Jake, Teddy/Piper, Tyler/Ali, Brian/Emily, Nelson/Maddie, Baron/Kaela). We plan to pass the hat to someone so more people can slay hoes next year.