Hot Pocket in the Microwave

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Hot Pocket in the Microwave (Hot Pocket for short) is a toy horse who gains a massive following wherever she goes. She originally came from the Georgia Tech campus in second term 2017, where she was sent inside a care package to Rachel, a third year, by her father. The horse's name comes from Rachel's RC, Zuri, who, of the belief that race horses often have long names, blessed the toy mare with the name "Hot Pocket in the Microwave". Rachel took Hot Pocket to her class and shared her story with her classmates and RC group mates. Soon, Hot Pocket gained popularity among both groups. After Georgia Tech, Rachel took Hot Pocket with her to Duke East, for Rachel's fourth year at TIP. Hot Pocket once again gained fast fame among Rachel's classmates and within her RC group. This time, however, Hot Pocket explored and gained new followers by going with Rachel's RC group mates to their different classes. One TA (Shelly) even made her a necklace and earmuffs out of clay. Rachel decided to pass Hot Pocket on to another third year, in the hopes that they would pass her on, and the next person would, and so on until Hot Pocket became an official tradition.


Hot Pocket is a black mare with white hair around her hooves, like socks. Her front right leg is lifted and bent. The bottom of her front left hoof has an "R" carved in, in recognition of her original owner. Her eyes sparkle like stars in the night sky. Her mane is luscious and flows across the left side of her neck. She also has a flowing black tail.