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The Huggy Group

From L to R: Maggie, Laura, Michael, Simone, Rachel, Kent, Valentina, (redacted), Cody, Thomas. (Not Pictured: Kyle, Nick)

Made up of Laura "Kisses" McDowell, Valentina "Princess" Saavedra, Simone "Fun Buns" Burgin, Rachel "Fire Emoji" Brumett, Maggie "Dancing Queen" Sowatzka, Michael "Bigfoot" Carter, Cody "Daddy" Meng, Thomas "Sunglasses" Mullins, Kyle "Pretty Boy" Ingram, "Baby" Nick Fogg, and Kent "The Little Spoon" Malizia, the Huggy Group is the most intense love affair in human history.


Tipsters are an emotionally and physically dependent group of people by definition, but these 11 take it to a new level. Actual relationship statuses in the group are unknown — they are rumored to be a large polyamorous relationship (this was confirmed by members of the group). It has also been speculated that they were all attempting to become one giant human; this is unconfirmed but likely. While the activities of the Huggy Group were largely mysterious, their favorite pastimes included handholding, professing their love for each other, and discussing dicks. Their public displays of affection were seen from all corners of campus — most commonly they were sighted at the Here after breakfast and lunch, the There after dinner (due to sun on the Here), and in the Enclave (the This) in all other free time. On special occasions, the Huggy Group would convene on the That. If a member of the Huggy Group was seen not holding at least one other member's hand, they were most likely on their way to meet up with the rest of the group or in class. This was a very rare occurrence. The Huggy Group hopes to one day be abducted by Tom, a giant alien who is worshipped within the group, and his friends. They desire to not only leave this terrible planet but also share their intense love throughout the Milky Way and beyond.

Special Talents

Quoting the Bee Movie

Lipsyncing to "Oops I did it Again" in rooms with no air conditioning

Cuddle Puddles

Making fun of Michael

Exiling people to Cancun


Speaking like Laura and hearing her voice in their heads

Intimidating second years into wearing skirts

Napping in the middle of hallways

Rapping in French

Being aggressively affectionate

Appreciating ducks

Blocking sidewalks by holding hands

Cheering on Valentina (pew pew pew)

Talking about aliens, AI, and conspiracy theories

Finding rare Pepes

Taking over the world

Getting our faces kissed by Laura

Loving each other


Survived past birth with a crippling hydrogen allergy

Managed to spend more than 10 minutes apart (almost)

Mastered the rule of thirds to take assthetically pleasing pictures of Marketplace food

Did not fall over during tipsync

Had the foresight to bring their own blunket

Deepthroated both bananas and hot dogs

About the Members

Laura "Kisses" McDowell- fights the bourgeoisie, one capitalistic meme machine at a time

Valentina "Princess" Saavedra- has the voice of an angel and the body of a demon

Simone "Fun Buns" Burgin- listens to Kermit the Frog in her free time (unironically)

Rachel "Fire Emoji" Brumett- has a belly button piercing and is not afraid to use it

Maggie "Dancing Queen" Sowatzka- saves the rarest Pepes for special occasions

Michael "Bigfoot" Carter- is not, in fact, a stoner

Cody "Daddy" Meng- can break your heart with a single look

Thomas "Sunglasses" Mullins- keeps a speaker in his pocket at all times (in case of music emergencies)

Kyle "Pretty Boy" Ingram- owns flannels brighter than your future

"Baby" Nick Fogg- can break bananas on the back of his neck

Kent "The Little Spoon" Malizia- felt personally victimized by Donald Trump

        • This group is also home to 2 tradition holders. Valentina was the first to be the Dancing Queen (2015), an underground tradition, which was then passed on to Maggie. She became the second Dancing Queen (2016).

Photo Gallery

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