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IDT is an acronym for Idiots Dancing Together. This group, formed during East I of 2006, consisted of 6-8 TIPsters that felt like additional glowsticks were required for the dances. The group pooled $40, and convinced RC Zach of Alspaugh to buy a large number of glowsticks. The glowsticks were then distributed by the members of IDT to fellow TIPsters during the final dance of East 1 2006. IDT has not yet reached tradition status, as it has only reached its first year. Perhaps East I 2007 would like to participate?

Hey, Its Brian Schiffer, founder of IDT, and I would just like to shed a little more light on it. I founded it after I really enjoyed the first the dance and danced like a total idiot. The first member was Annie Tench. From there the main inner circle consisted of: Annie, Lindsey Maxon, Daniel Holmes, James, and I think another person or, Ill edit this later, anyways.... Oh yea, also the actual IDT group was WAY more than 6-8, at least 30 something. For membership you merely need to dance like an idiot and give the leader a high five. The original plan was for the glow sticks to be distributed at the second dance but the money wasnt collected soon enough, thus it was postponed for the last dance. Seeing as I was a fourth year, I needed to pass IDT leadership on. And so it has been passed on through the power of the fourth year Will to Rosie Abernathy. And thats all Ive got right now, maybe Ill add more later.