If you're sad, go home

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This phrase orinated during mandatory rules on the first night of East 2 '05 when a group of 4th years, (Melanie Weyant being the voice of group consensus) being bored out of their minds by all of the lecturing(which didn't really matter to them anyway), decided that basically, a good rule to live by at TiP was, "If you're sad, go home."

The lecturing involved numerous repetitions of how it was bad to cut yourself, or hurt yourself in any way, or cry a lot, or generally be severely emotionally unstable. If a tipster were to engage in any of these activities, rather than helping said crybaby, tip staff (with their hearts of stone) would send said crybaby home, "because we do not have the resources to deal with these problems." Why beat around the bush? We all know the translation of their wishy-washy excuses: IF YOU'RE SAD, GO HOME. Kathleen