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RC at Duke West 2015, 2016, and 2017. He's a pretty cool guy. He has very long hair concealed by a turban. He is, in general, a fucking sarcastic savage.

Ike's Rag Term 1 2016 constantly got yelled at because of their obsession with all things Ike. For tipsync they preformed an Ike Compilation, including Fitness Gram Pacer test, references to pelicans from Finding Nemo and Dwight 'Ike' Eisenhower's Campaign Song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wNgys2RYW4&feature=youtu.be

(the video quality is a bit shit at the beginning which is why I changed it towards the end)

Ike's Final Rag West Term 1 2017 The humblest and most soft spoken rag residing in GG206-211. This was Ike's final rag at TiP before his RC retirement. Composed of sportballers and nerds alike, the rift in the rag was inevitable. The tipsync song was debated between Xxxtentacion's Look at Me with every vulgar word replaced with "Ike", and It's Raining Men. A majority vote settled on It's Raining Men, with Garrett and Jeffrey being the decisive votes.

  • Members: Joel, Michael, Jeffrey, Garrett, Jackson, Sam, Ethan, Thomas, Matthew, Manny, Iain (Big Daddy), Wyatt, William, and Mason (There was also Macray, the redheaded step child)
  • Tipsync: It's Raining Men
  • Quadfest: Team Grellow (Second Place)
  • Student vs Staff Members: Wyatt, Jeffrey, and Sam
  • MCs for Talent Show: Iain and Wyatt
  • Director for Doctor Doctor: Jackson


Famous Quotes

  • I got a 97 on the Rice Purity Test.
  • This day is enough of a logistical nightmare without having to hear your petty complaints! SHUT UP!
  • Well, what if my beard were made of green spinach?
  • Why are you failing at life?
  • I don't think you guys quote me enough.
  • I've never done weed.
  • Oh wait, did I just throw shade?
  • The bees are like: "Ooh, ooh, what's in here? It's like honey!
  • YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! (From the orientation video at West term 1 2017)