Ilise Hyams

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Ilise/Eyelash/Eleanor's Lover

Ilise is the embodiment of an epic gamer moment. If you hear anything listed below in the wild, you may have found the elusive Ilise:

  • "Oh geez"
  • "Bae do that sexy thing ..."
  • The song 'Cheesecake' by Billy Marchia Fava
  • "Yes, El, I'll be ready in 2 minutes" (she won't.)
  • A sleeptalking-like mumble about bones
  • "Seth!!! Seth I'm gonna cry!!! Sehehehehththhh :(((("
  • "Wait, I need to wash my face."

If these are not sufficient in your hunt, try calling El, as she's the more responsible one of the duo. If she doesn't pick up, look for breadcrumb-like clues Ilise may have left behind:

  • The wrapper of a sweet cheese danish
  • A scrunchie
  • The scent of coconut perfume (which her and El's room is sprayed with, like, every hour of the day)
  • Moldy coffee
  • Nighttime meds
  • An e-girl belt

If all else fails, Ilise can probably be found sleeping in El's bed instead of her own, meeting her soulmate on Omegle (rip Aiden), hanging in Lauren's room with her and Sophia, or in her rag meeting (but only if it's 10 minutes after the meeting was supposed to begin).

I love u Ilise E