Incorrect Accusations

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At Georgia Tech, Term 2, 2019, on approximately Friday, July 12th (near the end of the first week), a TIPster was removed from the campus. No one else was informed of the reason why, and rumors began to spread; the most popular "She looked up how to kill herself and TIP saw it on the WiFi! Then they had to send her off campus!"; the more conservative "One of her family members probably died, she'll be back soon."; and the oddball "They took her to Area 51 for testing! We'll find her when we storm it!"

I, however, was under a lot of pressure to enlighten the campus. Most of the TIPsters assumed I would know because I had previously known this TIPster prior to coming to TIP this year. I had no idea what had happened, and soon began making up crazy things to make people piss off; "She forgot to go to an Italian restaurant this week and the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster struck her down with tomatoes." was one of my personal favorites.

Her roommate's parents were not informed by TIP and had to be told by their daughter, who was then relocated to a friend's room (shoutout to Elizabeth & Dawson... and the whole Gayble... if you're reading this).

The TIPster still had not reappeared by the end of the second week, and now people demanded I ask her where she was and what had happened. I turned down all of these demands, saying that if she wanted to talk about it she would. The TIPster missed the Six Flags trip taken by her class, Engineering for Fun. It was not until the last day, the day I had left the campus, that she texted me.

We started by chatting casually, but the conversation soon turned to her disappearance. She informed me that she had been removed for reasons that were unjust. (you have no idea the temptation to swear) Apparently, TIP believed she had written a suicide note and had removed her for that. These accusations were false, but TIP didn't want their mistake getting out, so they would not let her return. In fact, she now cannot attend TIP next year, for her third year.

Safety Goggles Kid 00:23, 28 July 2019 (UTC)