Intercourse Bench

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Intercourse Bench is the bench in the back of the Belk Dorms. It is located outside. The bench was most often used while waiting for TAs to arrive to pick kids up for class.

Origins of the Name

The bench was officially dubed intercourse bench by Louisa Kirk, Jack, and Grace Thomas, in 2006. It was commonly refered too as this throughout the term.

Meaning of the name

Few know why they actually called the bench this but there are several theories:

-It was the bench sat at between courses

-The not tippropriate disscussions held there

- the fact that Grace allegedly had sex there

- STDs were transmitted on it

-Former Tipsters had concieved a child there

-Some associate the name with Aimee's "side business". But no one wants to think about it, so this theory is generally disregarded

These are just theories, the origins of the name are not actually known.