Iroh's Pi Show

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All Holy Scott

He is the best RC to possible have. Thanks Scott.

RC (Rag Members)

Jonathan (Video Game Camper level=69) = Stereotypical nerd who always has his head in his books. 
Jason (Halo addict level=69) = Always watches Halo YouTube videos in his free time.
Kennan (Prankster Gangster level=69) = Pranks people by putting stuff in freezer and the soaking it in water.
Frank (This castle is in unacceptable condition level=1) = Part time ear rapist, and the kid who sleeps under his bed.
Julian (Overwatch kiddo level=69) = Always plays overwatch whenever he can, cult member. 
Ehson (COC addict level=420) = Started a cult called John lovers or something like that, he liked this one girl but his best friend took her from him, plays COC and Clash Royale when ever he can.
Andrew (Chill Kiddo level=OVER 9000) = He is really good at CLASH ROYALE. (Mortar!)
Sarp (THATS A LOUNGE TOPIC level=69) = Screams that's a LOUNGE topic when ever he can now it is a meme.
Daniel (Classic Music kiddo level=10000) = Knows everthing about music.
Max (shut yo bubble gum dumb dumb df level= Charlie Brown) = Known for his gum (and popcorn).
SCOTT (Cool person level=Infinity) = Sick person.

Group Nights

Night 1: Movie

Night 2: Movie again

Night 3 (EXTRA): Movie and Asian food party