Isabel Bradford

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She was a legend in Shakesperience in 2014, an attentive student in MindLabs in 2016, and an amazing rapper in PoDM 2017. She was everyone's favorite lesbian. May she get all the good she deserves. She had to write her own godforsaken page because literally no one gives a crap about her.


In 2014, Isabel was at Davidson in Ada's RC Group. Isabel took Shakesperience: From the Page to the Stage in 2014. From being Inigo Montoya in the Hot Air Balloon to being either Rosencranz or Guildenstern in get to Know Your War, Isabel was hilarious. Her humor was beyond compare. It was pretty cool how popular she was among her classmates. She also was the originator of many inside jokes, most famously, PEEP!! This was Isabel's prime. Best three weeks of her life. She was god tier back then.


In 2016, Isabel was at GA Tech in Sara's RC Group. She took Laboratories of the Mind: Thought Experiments. MindLabs really destroyed her. It basically gave her anxiety. Turns out she doesn't like philosophy that much.

Also she danced with a girl once.


In 2017, Isabel was at Duke West in Doris's RC Group. She took Psychology of Decision Making: Behavioral Economics. She had pink hair this year. The only thing her RAG really used to identify her personality was that she was gay. The people in her RAG didn't seem to like her all that much. Whatever.

She actually really had fun, though. She loved everyone in her RAG. Even though they didn't like her. Cadence (of Lisa's RAG) was her shaky-shoulder dancing partner. She typically ate breakfast with Cadence and Elizabeth (also of Lisa's RAG) and whoever else showed up (often Eden and George William). She and Eden had good relationship/drama talks. On the last day, George William helped zip her suitcase.

Her most iconic joke this term was "LOV WIN" (with Laura and Luci). Her laughter, according to Laura, was infectious.