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JRCs (Junior Residential Counselors), also known as "those idiots", were a group of older students chosen to take a more responsible role on the Marine Lab Campus during the second week. This was done at the suggestion of Anthony (one of the forth years), who subsequently was bullied for being a JRC, even by other JRCs. The following students were designated as JRC.

Marine Lab 2018

  • Anthony (the orginal JRC).
  • Michael
  • Patrick
  • Hannah
  • Charlotte
  • Beth

It should be known that the other forth years (Rebecca and Marisy) were very annoyed that they were skipped over for JRC positions in favor of Charlotte and Beth. During the term, the position died out and became more of a joke, especially as tasks became more informal, and the lack of cooperation from certain JRCs (*cough**cough* Michael *cough**cough* Hannah).

It should also be noted the JRCs got some cool Duke TIP swag such as a JRC button and a pair of sunglasses with a visor on them which can be flipped down over the glasses. This visor was often flipped down when JRCs and others wore them as a joke.

"Is it really the wrong way to do it if there is not a right way?" ~ Anthony