Jace Nations

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Jace Nations
Jace with sleeping Langston
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He is the envy of every man.He is the dream of every woman.He is the legendary Jace Nations.I had the blessing of knowing Jace and being there through his legacy.Just uttering his name will make any TIPster turn their head.His awesomeness has no bounds and respects no authority.Sadly,his TIP career was ended shortly.His way of partying will never be forgotten, and he will be carried by many in their hearts.Soap.

Notable Moments

♠Getting Too Lit

  Second dance.Soap.Need I say more?

♠Sneaking in a Trunk

  During RC group night, he snuck onto a car and chilled in the trunk as we drove to Torchy's. He later surprised everyone with his entrance.

Fun Facts

♠Has been to China

♠Currently in Russia(as of Aug 7 2016)

♠LOVES San Pellegrino mineral water