Jack K.

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Jack K. is a first year attended term 2 at Davidson this year (ended July 25th). He is known along with The Basement Floor (Alex's RC group: Josh K, Bennett, Scott G, Paul A, William (roommate), Daniel, Will, Adam, Joaquin), The Bro Code as the King of the Lounge (Basement one in Belk). His catchphrases include "Quit being so basic," along with "TRAIN" and several others.

Of course we have to listen to him when he tells us not to basic, so the info doesn't stop here. Currently Jack is in a RelationTIP with Isabelle (Izzy) that started on the day of the first dance (July 10th). Fun Fact: Izzy and a bunch of other girls put together a list of the cutest guys in TIP; Jack is in the top three.

Jack is well known for his sarcasm, Mafia games, Hunchback of Notre Dame voice, and extensive inside jokes. When Jack is not at nerd school, he likes to play guitar, work out, write songs, and box.

**Written By AnonymousArtie**