Jack Martha

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Jack Martha is a legendary 3rd year 4th year tipster belonging to the greatest campus to ever exist (UGA term 2). For his first year, he went to App State term 2 and became friends with Will NIchols, Curly Haired Chris, and Trey Avent/ The Milkman. Jack had a girlfriend first year named Martha, he spent so much time in his room talking to her, that some people got confused as to wether or not his name was Jack or Martha. Everyone liked Martha better, so now he's Martha; on an unrelated note, he had a pillow in his room that the girl made for him. If you ask him today, he will insist that his girlfriend's name was not Martha, but we're all pretty sure it was.

For his second year, Martha was unfortunately unable to attend tip, but he did facetime Will and Trey once to express his remorse about being unable to attend.

Third year, Martha returned to tip in a blaze of beautiful glory. He went to UGA term 2 along with Will, Trey, and Curly Haired Chris, and was part of Michael's RC group. He became very close with the people inside of his group, but was rarely seen outside of his room. Many a trip was made by Trey And Will Limehouse to show people the legendary beauty that was Martha. He also became friends with Will Limehouse (through his philosophy class) and Jaxon Wilkerson (just somehow); along with Trey, the four could often be seen in the 2nd floor balcony, having long sexually satisfying philosophical discussions. At the end of the year, he participated in Jaxon's legendary ART talent show performance. He held a hair brush up whilst wearing sunglasses, symbolizing the true beauty of the human form.

Martha returned to UGA term 2 for his fourth year. I'm going to go ahead and say that Martha represented everything that TiP means during his fourth year. I loved Jack to death during our first three years, but he was one of the most quiet, introverted, self-conscious, and anxious people I have ever met; he barely left his room, but we all knew that he loved what he was taking part in. All of that changed fourth year. I saw my brother evolve from a doubt ridden child, scarred of the world around him, into the walking embodiment of the TiP spirit. The confidence he gained, and the way he reached out to other tipsters, and made them feel like a part of his family was truly astounding. No matter what was going on, you could always find Martha with a smile on his face, blasting "Broccoli" down the halls of Myers. His passion for TiP was unmatched in its purity and strength, and he was an inspiration to everyone around him, constantly pushing us to do more for our home. I can say without a doubt in my mind, Martha was one of the main reasons why term 2 2016 was such a transcendental experience for everyone involved. Martha represented TiP, and he welcomed us all, without questioning or discrimination. I love you, and thank you- TiP