Jack McGrath

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Jack McGrath is, by all standards, a bit of a legend amongst TiPsters. His overwhelming charm and quick wit made him a shoe-in to be voted most popular TiPster.

He scored so incredibly high on the SAT that Duke sent him a [probably] solid gold medal. This made him really happy because he never succeeded in sports and his older brother was good at sports and chris, he had lots of medals and trophies and Jack had to buy a trophy from a thrift shop so he could be like his brother because all he wanted was his dad's respect and he felt like a trophy would win him some familial honor but it wasn't as much respect as he had anticipated so for all these years he's held up resentment in his heart because no one really cares about test taking abilities they like touch downs which is dumb because Jack isn't good at football so he just has his medal that he sleeps with every night hoping he will make his dad proud and chris won't get more trophies and that Jack will get all the trophies.