Jackson Kennedy

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This is the page on Jackson Kennedy (kennedyjb8)

Jackson attended TIP for the first time as a third year at Duke West Term II. He is returning to TIP for a second year at Duke East Term II.

Social Media/ Contact Info:

@kennedyjb8 instagram kennedyjb8@gmail.com email

Courses Taken: Electrical Engineering, Information Security

Enemies: Wilson Hobbs (then again, he is the public enemy)

Knee and Ankle injuries (common occurence)

Friends: Computers

Select people

Sports where height is an advantage

Food of any kind, unless rabbits eat it OR if it doesn't lead to eventual artery clogging, cancer or slow and drawn out deaths

Sports Teams: CFS High School Varsity Basketball (Age 14) CFS High School Varsity Soccer (Age 13) CFS High School Varsity Baseball (Age 13)

Role Models:

Ron Swanson, Frank Underwood

Very loosely, simply encrypted photo to avoid bots but allow people to access: iuuq://jnhvs.dpn/lTcx5OX