Jackson Vicknair

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Rice Term 2 2019

Jackson was not a past TiPster but allegedly qualified for center many years ago. He currently attends LSU with a double major in Political Science and smth. else and then English as his minor. He hopes to become a politician someday. However, because he's not old and corrupt yet, he's a pretty good RC. He tried to make it seem like he didn't care too much about us but he did I guess


  • Spencer: lowkey resembled Steve Rogers before serum (nice guy tho)
  • Rithvik: Just kinda sent the groupchat into a downward spiral by posting that first meme
  • Ben: read a lot, he had lots of grape juice
  • Thomas: It's Brittney, boys
  • Lucas "Primary" E.: Primary Lucas, was obsessed with friendship bracelets
  • Lucas "Secondary" T.: Lead Backup Dancer, partially responsible for the mess that was the groupchat
  • Nathaniel: Was in three-way relationtip with Mo's RC Group and the 2A Lounge
  • Jack: p e n i s game champion
  • Christian: Had pringles
  • Alex: he was chill
  • Pablo: 1337 h4x0r
  • Evan: Wanted to be a KidzBop Kid
  • Colin: Could be funny when not making edgy comments about Tourette's, partially responsible for the mess that was the groupchat
  • Max: pro gamer
  • Ryan: ez Jackson's favorite / coolest one / best dancer

Honorary Members

  • RC Ava: Cousin of Britney
  • Danielle: Honorary Britney

Notable Events

  • Won TiPSync by doing Toxic, (disputed among some TiPsters but it was still good) beating Single Ladies and Fireflies
  • Won Amazing Race (Yurple-2 got first, Yurple-1 got last because they got the wrong clue)
  • Won Hootfest with the Yurple team
  • Should've won Spirit Week (i'm sorry Mo)
  • Becoming obsessed with Pokemon Go like half the other male RAGs
  • Everyone having bad superlatives due to having like 3 people who actually knew each other
  • Long Distance ERS and Bible Study
  • Came up with flushing idea??
  • Taking other people's evening activity slots
  • Consistently being at meetings 10 minutes early (and getting in trouble if you arrive at a normal time)