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Jake Keys' Tip history

Jake Keys went to Duke TIP all four years, second term. In the first year, at Davidson, he took The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity and also took Katie Adams to the dance, he also starred in TIPSync with a song selection of The Baddest by Froggy Fresh. In his second year, he returned to Duke West taking Abnormal Psych. This year he performed Threw it on the ground by Lonely Island. In his third year at TIP, He came back to Duke West and taking Global Finance and taking Hannah Chay, probably some babe knowing Jake, to the dance, he also switched it up in TIPSync by doing the Russain National Anthem. In His fourth and final year, he came to senses and went to Duke East and took Macroeconomics where if he could probably would have taken Rachel Tyeryer, Macro TA, to the dance. He also probably annoyed the Macro TA by making a reasonable request in asking her to finish his heart which she one time finished with her middle finger.

1st Year: Term: II :: Location: Davidson :: Class: The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity :: Relationtip: Katie Adams

2nd Year: Term: II :: Location: Duke West :: Class: Abnormal Psych :: Relationtip: N/A

3rd Year: Term: II :: Location: Duke West :: Class: Global Finance :: Relationtip: Hannah Chay

4th Year: Term: II :: Location: Duke East :: Class: Macroeconomics :: Relationtip: N/A

Memorable Moments:

-Beating Staff 7-0 in Ultimate 6 other friends (Davidson 1st year)
-Getting caught with 9 people in the room on the last night (Duke West 3rd year)
-Lead role in first 3 TIPSync performances
 1. Baddest-Froggy Fresh (Davidson 1st year)
 2. Threw it on the Ground-Lonely Island (Duke West 2nd year)
 3. Russian National Anthem (Duke West 3rd year)

-Will Feldman