Jeff's Mancave

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Was a Fourth Year Guys RAG at West Term 2 2010

Will most likely be remembered for winning twenty thousand tickets at Frankie's and buying not one but two [[Domo|Domos}},one of which was named Tom, two cats, a lava lamp, and Jerry the turtle. Jeff had the coolest dorm room in the history of not only TiP but also the world, it had a futon and a mini fridge (enough said), and his RAG was able to hang out in said room at any time, which they did, this is why it was nicknamed Jeff's Mancave.

RAG members, with most likely to..:

Felix-lose a pair of sunglasses....and everything else

Charlie-chop on the guy who lost the sunglasses...Zinger!

Alex/Kumbar-Have a strategy for everything(including dolphins)

Eli-Lose his identity and become famous

Jandro(likes men...KAELFIVE)-Accidentally give away all his food

Tyler-Own the coolest lava lamp ever

-Become infamous for something no one has ever heard of

Kyle-Quote every movie ever made

Josh-Bleed on people

Preston-Stop a train with his rock solid abs

Matt-Use his crutches for pity

Grant-Receive an apology for an apology

RC Jeff-Have the best RAG/RC Group in TiP History

Tom the Domo- Scare Eli to death

Domo-Be awesome

Jerry the Turtle-keep coming back

Feel free to add inside jokes and whatnot