Jeffney and Fredley

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Jeffney and Fredley are the alternative identities of Delaney and Cecilia, who prowled the 2nd floor hall during the Davidson 2013 1st term.

Jeffney was born when Abby misheard Delaney saying "Japanese" as "Jeffney".

Fredley was born when, desperate for a match for Jeffney, Cecilia and Abby brainstormed during a showing of The Princess Bride.

Jeffney and Fredley are both male, and had a sign on their door that read "Here dwells Jeffney" and taped under it, "and Fredley too".

Jeffney walks by kicking one leg out at a time and rolling his body towards that leg. Fredley walks by jogging, but moving very slowly (this often makes Fredley's pants fall down, so he is often seen holding his pants too).

"THERE'S ALWAYS A FREDLEY FOR A JEFFNEY" this was often shouted after the discovery that there are exactly 7 people named Jeffney and 7 people named Fredley in the usa (with the Duke TIP pair being the 8th).