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Also known as Jerebear, Jeremy is the chillest RC on East campus. He founded the Religion of Groveism which everyone quickly forgot about. He also is Hantis emperor. He has a spectacular neck beard and strokes it when he's in deep concentration.

dont shoot me

Jeremy Grove was apparently a Tipster at one point at West, but is now an RC at Duke East 2015. He is known for having to deal with the infamous Connor Collingsworth, and for being the Hantis emperor. He also frequently blasted music all the way down the hall. In the termbook, he was voted most likely to have gray hair by 30.

During East Term 2 2015, he got the worst luck when it came to his RAG. His kids included the infamous Connor, pizza-obsessed Ethan, and ever-silent Matthew. Connor proceeded to give everyone demeaning nicknames, start hazing rituals, and bleed everywhere. He was expelled and Jeremy drove him to the airport the day after Quadfest.