Jess the TA

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Hi! No I’m not the ACTUAL Jess, just a worshipper. So anyways, on Davidson Campus, Term 1, 2019, there was a TA named Jess who basically taught DNA and dislikes chirren.


• STOP!! • I.... don’t care. • You guys are so weird. • Guys, SHUT UP!! • I don’t want to talk to you right now. • Go away. Leave me alone. • I don’t care if you’re happy. • Go away and do.... whatever you kids do. • IS IT PHONE TIME?! PUT THE PHONE AWAY!! • Get away from me and go have fun. • you’re now my least favorite student.

  • I saw you at Ben and Jerry’s once. It was awful.

All Kicks and Giggles

Jess saw one of her students at Ben and Jerry’s and told her friends to leave immediately for the sake of her sanity. She’s one of the saltiest, coolest, and BEST TA ever. Change my mind. She also likes birds. A baby bird flew down from a tree and she threatened to take away the boy’s frisbee if they got too close to it. An ACTUAL legend. No one can compare to Jess. I approached her at the second dance and, I swear, the moment I did, she yelled at me to go away. Jess is best. Jess is best.


A Jess worshipper