Jesse Liu

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Jesse is a first-term tipster at Davidson College. A rather antisocial person, he played on his computer, stealing everyone's internet . While you're trying to reload your google homepage, he is playing on steam at 64 frames per second. As part of the Engineering problem solving class, he was involved in the dance gentleman by psy but before starting, he quickly jumped off the stage. You can often find him in his room or in the lounge on the 2nd floor.

He also has an annoying habit of collecting things like a tipster in the first term aka Ryan. However, rather than collecting badges, Jesse collects leis from the 2nd dance. After collecting a couple dozen, people began to give him their leis voluntarily and some even collected some for him.His record number of leis he collected by the end of the the dance was 91. Unlike Ryan however, he was not greedy and lent them to Amar as he took off in flight.

Jesse is currently planning to come to Tip next year although his destination remains undecided.