Jewish cobras

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The Jewish Cobras were a premiere Ultimate team at East I 2006 created by Tom Burr and Hunter Wolk primarily to combat the impending threat of the well-respected Ultimate team The Cobras led by extreme Ultimate enthusiast Brandon Clark. Under the encouraging management of crucial GM Logan "Matthew Broderick" Hoy, and consisting of players Tom "Tom-Tom" Burr, Allison "What am I doing here?" Connell, Vineeta "Vinnyraptor" Kapahi, Mac "MacAttack" Herring, Chase "CJ" Grange, Dylan "You're wrong about everything" Kingsolver, Sam "My last name is awesome" Warlick, Jeremy "R.I.P." Thomerson, Kevin "WUnderful!" Wu, and Hunter "Huntasaurus" Wolk, The Jewish Cobras managed to impale any challenging ultimate team upon the spear of their supreme talent. With a win/loss record of 6 - 0, The Jewish Cobras will forever be enshrined in TIP history as the Ultimate Team that crushed all in its path, while still displaying a level of compassion unheard of in proffessional athletics. They also had terrific cheerleaders who would chant "S-H-A-L-O-M!" and other jewish phrases to pump the team up.

Sadly for the Jewish Cobras, they were no match for the staff ultimate team. They choked away the staff-student game, going up 10-8 before losing 13-11.