Joel Singh

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“I love Greek people, they’re so smart.” -Joel Singh 2019

“It appears out of thin air, just like throw up.” -Joel Singh 2019''

“Wait, a week has more than five days?” -Joel Singh 2019''

”Do marinaras grow on trees? -Joel Singh 2019”'

”Wait, you can make sauce out of spaghetti? -Joel Singh 2019”

”Our chairs are YELLOW? - Joel Singh 2019

”Wait, there are TWENTY-SIX letters in the alphabet? - Joel Singh 2019

Joel Singh the Meme

This tipster of 2019 term two at Davidson is a meme in all aspects. He can inhale jello and do some other really cool things. Nobody is sure of how Joel became such a meme, but he gained enough power to get people to do what he said. Not only that, Joel is someone you want on your ultimate team because he uses his winning mentality to turn games around (Gucci quality emotional support). Joel is so powerful, he didn’t need to dress up for the theme days for three days in a row as the days were “Meme day,” “Twin Day,” and “Wacky day.”

He is also the leader of the cult, Joelism. He is such a meme that many people have come to this cult, even though they may not realized it.


Joel, the mascot of the cryptography class as well as the recognizable icon who is deep dabbing on their class pin, is the creator of the legendary I apostrophe e (i’e). When you don’t know how to end a sentence, put in an i’e. It always makes sense! f.e. “I like cryptographi’e.” But the pros always come with cons. Joel has several deficiencies like color blindness illiteracy deafness a limp trouble counting and trouble differentiating between shapes. Joel’s favorite shape is a triangle. Joel’s pants pockets aren’t big enough for his huge ass phone (you thought). If you break Joel’s ankles in tag, you no longer get money from Nathan. Sometimes we all wonder how Joel got into TiP. Claiming he got a 540 in math and a lower score in reading. Legend has it that Joel drew a smiley face with the answer circles and somehow got into TiP. Joel is taking algebra next year as he took pre algebra. Nobody knows if he is behind or if his school is behind. Joel set a new record in his counting skills on JULY 17 by counting to 30. He’s setting his sights on 69. Joel is also the creator of the unbreakable Minecraft cipher because he is a Minecraft fan Fortnite bad.

== List of Joel's Disabilities (According to him) ==

-Legally Blind without his glasses

-Color Blindness


-Partially Deaf

-Has no Depth Perception

-Can't differentiate shapes

-Has lots of difficulty counting numbers

-Trouble going up and down stairs

== How to craft Joel in Minecraft ==

Joel is so legendary you can craft him in Minecraft. Attracted attention of Notch. You’ll need a dirt block 4 sticks 2 glass a potion of slowness and a potion of blindness

    Glass  |    Dirt block.  |     Glass


               |.                     |
     Stick. |.      Stick.       |     Stick


                 |.                    |
     Potion. |.                    |   Potion 
     of slo.   |    Stick.        |   of blin
     wness                            dness