John Dryden

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A Brief Summary

He was a pretty lit dude. He made WAAAAAAY too much drama with Kayli and Brie. He and Kayli actually kept on dating after TiP (something very rare in TiP history) and I haven’t heard from them since so I don’t know if they’re still dating. He ended camp with about half of TiP thinking he was a sexist womanizer and the other half wanting to bang him (yes even the guys). To those of you who acted like John was an agent of Satan and deserves to burn in hell if you had actually fucking met him you would have known how cool he was. He was in Art and Technology (which he, without fail, always put as his low for the day during RC meetings) He was the first follower of the Roblox Religion and came up with the the idea by bowing before the book as soon as Maddox A. brought it back from target. He was in Gordon’s RC group. He lives in Dallas, I think and was a first year at Trinity Univeristy, Term 2, 2018.


John pretty much made friends with everyone he met during Duke TiP, even the people who hated him said he was a “pretty chill dude.” His list of friends where:

Ben Duong, Maddox Alvarez, Maddox Mayo, Collin McKinney, Amhet Cetin, Ryan (his roommate), Kayli, Samantha, (And a lot of others but I don’t remember their names, only their faces)


John Dragon: Collin Mckinney thought dragon was a better last name than Dryden so thus it was changed Adam Dragon: Collin also thought it was funny how big John’s Adam’s apple is so thus his first name was changed to Adam


John was, to the upmost extent if the word, a player. He was the most playeriest player that ever playered. It was at one point calculated that 7 girls in all liked him throughout the three weeks at TiP (plus 4 more he refused to disclose) Despite all of this playerdome he remained relatively faithful to one girl. By the third day at TiP he met Kayli (Aka Blue haired friend) and by the first Friday he was dating her. Everyone thought they were a super cute couple until, just one Friday later, she had to leave in the morning because of severe health problems (she couldn’t move her left arm and had a stroke) it was later discovered that she was allergic to the walls of the school and her current ailments only made it worse. This was also the day that John probably made the worst decision his entire time at TiP, the decision that led to everyone who didn’t know him and all the girls who did know him hating him. He, at the end of the dance that day, started dating Brie (super thic btw) because of a horrible communication error that occurred right before Kayli left. She found out about having to leave the night before and went to tell John about it at breakfast. She couldn’t bring herself to tell him she was leaving so she got Samantha to tell him instead. Samantha, however, did not say “Kayli’s leaving Duke” and instead said “Kayli’s leaving you.” This led to John being super sad and not talking to her before she left. This made Kayli think that John was mad at her for not saying goodbye to her. After the dance that day Kayli FaceTimed her friends and wanted to talk to John but he didn’t realize they were still dating and though that she had just broken up with him, which was why before he found this out he started dating Brie. All while this was going Hope were wanting to date John so that just added to the complexity. After a few days of utter confusion John broke up with Brie and officially started dating Kayli again. Even though she lives in a small town next to Houston and he lives in Dallas they continued to date for the rest of TiP, and, as far as I know, is still dating her. I have tried getting in touch with Kayli about the issue but she appears to be completely off the grid. None of her friends can contact her either and we’re all pretty worried. I never actually got John’s number so I can’t contact him either. Woah okay so I’m John and this is all from 2018. I’m not dating Kayli anymore, as we broke up about 2 months after Tip ended, and she was off the grid but she’s been back for a few months now. She didn’t go back to Tip but I did and I went to LSU Term 2, 2019.