John Patrick

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A plunger bought by Charlie Girl at Dollar General (east term ii 2005), John Patrick was named after one of Charlie's ex-boyfriends. The reason behind this was best stated by Alex-the-Alspaugh-RHL: "Yeah.. so.. it's (he's) not a very nice thing, but every once and a while you just kinda need one (him)." After some second year guys ran aroud with JP beating each other with him, Charlie added the title "Plunger of Peace and Lurrve" to discourage any further violent activity. His handle is decorated with catchy slogans such as "marriage is love" and "under absolutly no circumstances should john patrick be on a clogged toilet." JP has been through a lot with Tipsters, including one fun afternoon where a certain Isha, Maggie, and Thomas successfully stuck him to the ceiling of Charlie's room after many attempts. He stayed suspended long enough to take one picture before falling, consequently landing on roommate Jessica's radio and breaking it.