Jon Martin

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Best friend of Barrie Wiener. A fun loving Tipster who went to ASU Term 1 2014, ASU 2015, UGA Term 2 2016 and UGA Term 2 2017. He was passed down the party glasses by Trey Avent and discovered while they were in his possession that they will no longer light up. They have been replaced. Jon took the course What Are the Odds? with Harrison Potter his first year at ASU. There, he met Barrie Wiener, and his love for TIP started. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, he was not able to complete his first term. His second year was also spent at ASU, and he was a full on TIP meme. His third year he took the class Stones and Bones at UGA, and helped give it the nickname "Stoners and Boners". Legend says he annoyed his instructor so much that he put him into time out. His fourth year he once again took another class with Barrie and was in Philosophy of Knowledge, where he became a full fledged communist. Jon completed the Summit Challenge at 1:05 pm on July 27, 2017. Jon exemplifies TIP spirit and is a friend to all who need one. He is genuinely an amazing guy who all look up to. His meme loving soul and deep affection for TIP live on in every TIPster he has ever talked to. You could not meet a better person.