Jonathan Griffin

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"Hey, let's count shoulders!" - Jonathan Griffin

Jonathan Griffin is one of the most amazing people to have ever come to TIP. Don't get me wrong, every TIPster is amazing but Jonathan is really something special. Originally from St. Joseph, Missouri, Jonathan moved to "Fake Houston" (-Faith) and now is outstanding to a whole new state of people. Fate declared that he should receive he same room (131) both years of his attendance at Trinity University TIP (2014 and 2015). Clearly this room has been chosen to be the room of greatness and will likely go down in history books for the role it played in the development of Jonathan Griffin. A notable achievement of Jonathan is his lead in the performance of "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room" from The Flight of the Concords in the 2015 tipsync. Also famous for his three steps to getting a girl: 1-"Hey I'm Jonathan" 2-winking with the tongue out the side (see traditions on Trinity University page) 3-Counting shoulders. Suitmates: hi On full moons he has the ability to turn into a Griffin.