Jordan Land

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The greatest RC ever! The whole 4th floor would always know when Jordan's group would do anything, cause we were the best and we were loud.


  • "Stop Dicking Around!"
  • "We Are The Best, Because We Are Jordan's GROUP!!!"
  • "Where's Felipe??"
  • "Chad: She wore those ducky pajama pants and her butt was like BOOM!

Jordan: Dude, she's 14. I don't want to be thinking about her butt. Be quiet."

  • "Oh my god dude are you going to be a vegetarian tomorrow?"


Term I:

  • Milan Kodali
  • Patrick Stevens
  • Patrick Hetreed
  • Cole Jasper
  • Austin Perryman
  • Zane "Mail Man" Hissom (he got AT LEAST 2 pieces of mail everyday),
  • Walker Bauer
  • Felipe Quintinilla
  • Juan "Paco" Quintero
  • Juan Cabrera
  • Grant Nation
  • Leland Dawson
  • Adam Thompson

Term II:

  • Chad Boatner
  • Zack Zimmerman
  • Kevin Kapoor
  • Neil Iyer
  • Paul Edoka
  • Sam Jamison
  • Xavier Alexander
  • Terry Sanzo
  • Robert Beisert
  • Raymond Yue
  • Taylor Fyfe
  • Ky Quan Nguyen
  • Wes Bohannon
  • Tom Ayers