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About Jordan

Jordan was the Forensic Anthropology instructor at Duke West during term 1 in 2016. He was best known for looking and acting like a small child, saying and doing a bunch of ridiculous things, and constantly butchering the english language. He was also the TA for Forensic Science during term 2.

Jordan Quotes

  • “We’re gonna hurt some peeps”
  • “Sorry for the sass, it’s Saturday morning.”
  • “We can have a roast Jordan session later.”
  • “In a couple of days we’re gonna DIG IN to forensic archaeology.”
  • “*burps* bacon’s coming back to haunt me.”
  • “Some people want to measure bones to death.”
  • “Termperature”
  • “My Chemical Romance? That’s like my favorite band!”
  • “Yaasssssssssss!”
  • “I don’t wanna lead you on.”
  • “*creepily whispers* I believe in you.”
  • “Okay, let’s not touch other people.”
  • “The tongue bumps”
  • “*imitating a police officer* Yo! Look! Here’s some blood!”
  • “Take a deep breath.”
  • “I have a solution to this problem! *hands out fruit snacks*”
  • “Make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients before you eat it! Common sense!”
  • “I need to clean your calculator off, it’s kinda gross. (He bled on my calculator).”
  • “*imitating a murderer who was burying a body* I was eating a cheeseburger while I did it.”
  • “*jumps and points at himself on the screen* That guy back there in the red coat!”
  • “We blow up cars with dead pigs inside.”
  • “*about construction equipment*We should steal it!”
  • “In the interest of transparency, these peeps have been sitting in my car since like easter.”
  • “My mom still made me an easter basket.”
  • “There are double negatives all over this code of ethics.”
  • “Yeah! Dr. Death!”
  • "What?! Sweets dies?!"
  • “You’re gonna hate this guy. Prepare for it.”
  • “Ba dum tssss”
  • (it’s raining outside)”We should go outside for break!”
  • “IS THERE?!?!?!”
  • “What a great segway, thank you.”
  • “The rain keeps falling in my cup.”
  • “Underline the riducilousness of it, please.”
  • “Yup. New dead people.”
  • “Someone describe what they’re doing to me. Describe what they’re doing to the scene to me.”
  • “Fun fact! That is one of my very good friends! This is Janelle!”
  • “Leutgert the sausage maker!”
  • “Live people feet!”
  • “Is is Joey or Joseph?”
  • (sarcastically)”Oh, yes, I would love a jelly bean.”
  • “The grates are slippery. They’re like a slip n slide.”
  • “My rain jacket smells strangely like laundry detergent and jet lighter fluid. I wore it to a plane crash scene.”
  • “All this boy drama is ridiculous.”
  • “Schweet!”
  • “I’m not a very good officer, I’ve only been doing this job for like a week.” (*throws moldy orange, trips over crime scene, spills water*)
  • “I’ll be back. Maybe in just a few hours. Maybe never.”
  • “Chloe’s about ready to kill me.”
  • (talking about giving our group two right scapulas instead of a right and a left) “This never happened.”
  • *makes strange noises while trying to sneakily switch out bones*
  • “We’re going straight from tomorrow.”
  • “That’s gonna go down in something.”
  • “Oops, you messed up. *kicks leg* Boomp, out the door!”
  • *drops measuring tape. tries to pick it up. trips over it."
  • "This is a really disgusting measuring tape and I don't wanna know what happened."
  • “Yasss! Frozen!”
  • “This is Demi Lovato. This isn’t even that good.”
  • “This is because Demi Lovato could never out sing Idina Menzel”
  • “Toy story isn’t essential to the completion of this project.”
  • “That kid wears the same hoodie everyday.”
  • “If you don’t know what it means, then I probably won’t know what it means.”
  • “only at nerd camp does someone say play orchestra music”
  • *door opens* “That scared me."
  • *hits self with table* "Ow. Pretend you didn't see that."
  • The gavel is this eraser because we don't want you to break anything, and we don't have a wooden gavel."
  • "We can get you a humerus if you wanna bang a humerus. Or a femur."
  • "Who's Jordan?" - Officer Tibia Goodman
  • "The judge gave it to me, I don't know."
  • *talking about a gun that was possibly a murder weapon* "I lost it."
  • *still talking about the gun* "What firearm?"
  • "I have a really bad memory."
  • *coughs awkwardly*
  • "What's evidence number 16?"
  • "As far as I know I didn't disturb anything, but I've only been on the force for a week so I don't know what that means."
  • "Are you offended by something?" (Jordan's attempts to console a crying fourth year)
  • "She had a lovely collection of jump ropes. Like, the biggest collection of jump ropes I had ever seen. Oh, and there was a gun."
  • "We arrested her on suspicion? *pause* And then we searched her house."
  • *talking about jump ropes that were possibly murder weapons* "They were very colorful. That's all I remember."
  • "Ya'll are gonna get me in trouble."
  • "Don't white out evidence!"
  • "Stop writing on people!"
  • "She's gonna slay it!"
  • "Save the trees, save the world!"
  • *Meghan offers Jordan four jars filled with various types of sugar and nerds (the candy)* "Yes, I'll take them. I think they're funny."
  • "Yeah, I had the jesus bat."
  • *talking about a video of him singing* "You asked for this. Thanks for the torture."
  • "When did we ever use calipers? *pauses* *shakes head* Oh yeah! I'm sorry."
  • "Do we have a Sage?"
  • "I'm fine. I'm just walking backwards down stairs."
  • "Did Wilson just call himself a rebel? Rebel Wilson! Aaaahhhh!"
  • *all of the forensic anthro kids are carrying boxes filled with plastic bones* "You're carrying so much dead weight! Ba dum tssss."
  • "I need to go back to my room and fall asleep."
  • "On the internets?"
  • "It's Thursday of week three. English is hard."
  • "If they had a survey option for mastery of English, I would fail."
  • "There shouldn't be any talking at the moment, just a lot of reflecting."
  • "You took me for all the awkwardness that I was."
  • "Are you ready kids?"
  • "I love the sound of construction in the morning."
  • "If I hear that song one more time I'm sending you to Crystal's office."
  • "No it's not relevant, I can see the grin."
  • (in a creepy whisper)"Hint hint, you don't want random people at your crime scene, hint hint."
  • (about a drawing of a birthday cake)"I don't need the comments and the disrespect."
  • "You can come closer, I don't bite that I know of."

Fun Facts

  • Meghan is his mom
  • He is emo trash
  • He's a theatre nerd
  • He can't really dance, but is strangely good at doing the wobble.
  • He occasionally snorts when he laughs
  • He was once spotted wearing a really ugly bro tank
  • Sometimes he has the facial expressions of a kitten
  • His alter ego is Officer Tibia Goodman
  • He can actually sing pretty well
  • His toes look kinda long
  • Once drew a bird and two "ghosts" in his notes
  • Is 22 years old and still gets Easter baskets from his mom
  • Frequently lies about attending social events
  • After hitting a kid with a tissue box, he did his ten push-ups for "missing his target". He then proceeded to miss the trash can with a tissue, this time neglecting his push-up duties due to his inability to do any more.
  • Only brought three pairs of shoes to tip
  • Could possibly be a werewolf
  • Had a green lanyard dedicated to him in a fourth year will
  • Looks like a twelve year-old


Jordan Polaroid.jpg

  • A Polaroid picture taken of Jordan. He didn't realize that the picture was being taken until after it had already been taken.

Jordan Drawing.jpg

  • A strangely accurate drawing of Jordan from a game of pictionary.

Jordan Term 2.png

  • Jordan with his class from term 2

Real Talk

In all seriousness, Jordan was an amazing instructor, and an amazing human being. I'm trying not to make this sound like an obituary and it's really damn hard.

  • Update: I can't make this sound like anything other than an obituary, so instead here are some things that the class has to say.
  • Jordan- It's been a great term. Although you managed to butcher the English language time and time again, you are still the best instructor we have ever and will ever have. Thank you. - Riley
  • Jordan - You are actually the best instructor I have ever had. I have never loved a class more than forensic anth, and for that I want to thank you. - Chloe
  • Another Update: no one actually sent things to include in this section, pretty much my only other plan has failed.

Important Message

to the person who is updating this page: i love you