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Term 1 @ Davidson 2012

  • "This kid is like a legend..."
  • "I can't believe he didn't get thrown out!!"
  • "He's a ladies man, and all the girls in my RC Group are getting swayed by his charm. I'm the only one who can see he is an absolute buffoon!"

Basically, Joseph is legend. He took Engineering Problem Solving at Davidson Term 1 2012, and is going to either East or West next year. He will go down in history as being the greatest 1st year troublemaker ever. He will one day be the best in all of TIP.

Nicknames: Ripoff Candy Guy, Draco, JoJo, The Troublemaker, Malfoy, Banana Guy

TIPster Testimony: I met Joseph on my first day at Davidson. He was the first person I met (other than my roommate from the last summer, Brittan). Me and Britt were walking around the basement, trying to get used to the campus and meet people before the first day of classes. We happened to find Joseph, in a friends room with the door cracked open and a black backpack full of candy. He opens the door and leans against it the doorway, clearly trying to sway us with his charm. Basically, he tried to sell us candy in the room across from the vending machine selling the very same candy. My roommate and I named him Ripoff Candy Guy or RCG for short. I originally thought Joseph was really annoying and immature and started off by being kind of mean to him, but soon decided that it was too much effort to do this and decided to make him my little brother instead. Since then we've been really close and I totally love this kid!<3

Some Famous Pranks

Joseph was pretty much the main troublemaker during this term. Some famous pranks include:

  • Acting drunk and high on stage during the TIPsync to the song "We Are Young"
  • Joseph found a cup with a hole in the bottom. So being Joseph he stood at the drink machine for 10 minutes "trying" to fill it up. Finally the person behind him tapped him and told him there was a hole in the bottom. Joseph goes "oh!" and puts his hand on the bottom of the cup. He fills up the cup and walks all the way back to his table before and then finally realizing there was a hole in the bottom so he put his hand under the bottom and walked all the way back to his table before moving his hand and sending all the liquid straight to the floor.
  • He got banned from the second floor for "an unknown reason". [edit: I know why... but.... it's too innapropriate for the internet.... and its kinda a long story.....]
  • He almost got all his free time on the last night taken away for asking a dumb question, much to the dismay of his friends.
  • He walked down the hall with Annelise's stereo blasting Like a Boss, and got her stereo confiscated.
  • "Accidentally" giving Bo a minor concussion during Calvinball.

The Maggie Incident(s)

There was a girl named Maggie in Joseph's class. She is the one who made the famous "Buffoon" statement above. He was very good friends with all of the girls in her RAG, or RC group as some call it. She somehow had it in her mind that all the girls liked him, and that he had "swayed him with his charm", hence what Sonali wrote above in the TIPster Testimony. It was one of the biggest inside jokes of the Term. So she was paired with him on a project, and hated him a lot. He, being Joseph, decided to get her back by walking around with every girl in her RAG, or RC group, and act like they were dating. He would do it to one girl, then stop, then do it to the next. Of course it stopped when she left though. It ended with her before the talent show, screaming at him about how he is going to break their hearts the next day when they left. It was one of the highlights of the term.

Blue Poweraide

Joseph always drank Blue Poweraide and one time, an entire saltshaker of salt was poured into his Blue Poweraide. He was dared to drink it. He did. Needless to say, he still coughs when he tries to laugh and never drank Blue Poweraide again. (This could also be due to the amazingly tastiness

Update: In his honor, 3 of his friends from that year(Stillman Hanson, Kevin Bowerman, and ), as their last official drink of their lives at TiP, each chugged a cup of blue Powerade and salt at the dinner on the last night of their 4th year.