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Josey Parker was a tipster from 2014-2015, East Term 1 for both years. She is an amazing awesome tipster and friend who embodies the love and acceptance of TIP. She hopes that when she is older to become an RC with the rest of her friends from TIP.

Josey is one of the best tipsters I know, and anybody that has meet her knows that she is so caring, thoughtful and a beautiful amazing goddess. She is gorgeous inside and out and I am so glad to have her as my friend. Her third and fourth year entailed so much that it is hard to document all in one place, so go please ahead and add more stuff about the beautiful and witty Josey Parker.


Josey went to East Term 1 for her first TIP year. She took Literary License and was probably bomb at it like she is with everything.

Her class went to the Duke West library one day as a field trip to go look at old books. Dylan and Josey found a Latin book and they ended up spending like an hour and a half trying to translate it together. Dylan later on Hipster Tipster Thursday was having an existential crisis because he couldn't figure out what was art and what was not. They decided that things done with the intention of being art were art, and decided to eat nature too and make it art.

She was in Meghan's RAG, which was on the second floor of Alspaugh, but was an honorary third floor member of Alspaugh because she was always upstairs. She hung out with Gabi O'Brion, Alice Zhang, Hannah Smalley, Jessica Sullivan and Marisa Schwartz. She once ordered Chinese food without asking permission from the RCs and secretly ate it in her friend Katie's room. Malini Naidu was her roommate that year.


Josey went to East Term 1 again for her second, but last, year at TIP. She took Philosophy In Literature and Film, and like the rest of her class that term, had an obsession with their TA Steven. It got to one point where she had him as her background on her phone and wore a mask of his face along with the rest of her class for "Stevening Study".

Josey was on the second floor of Bassett with her RAG, Shaunni's velociRAG. Her roommate was Malini Naidu once again, who frequently ate all her food. She also lead Doggie Doggie with some fellow RAG members, Sabrina Fiske and Annie Griffith. On her first RAG night she watched Juno and chilled with Drew and Sabrina. On her second RAG night she went to go see Jurassic World and sat next to Sabrina, who was her date and practically her relationtip, and commented the whole movie with perfect wit and funniness about Chris Pratt's butt. Josey inspired the quote that night that will forever be on the back of their RAG shirts, "Let's stick together!". On her last RAG night she went to the freedom tunnel and drew all over the walls with her perfectness. Then her RAG went to Ben and Jerry's where she sat down with Drew and Sabrina and talked until Shaunni was annoyed at them and made them leave.

She was secretary of the Purity Squad, which had later disbanded due to admin banning discussion of the Rice Purity Test. They had the best handshake ever and it was amazing and you have to be in PS to know about the PS handshake.

She recreated on Hipster Tipster Thursday the incident mentioned previously of eating things with intention and making it art. Josey ate a pink flower, which is her aesthetic and describes that it tasted "grassy but sweet". Drew and Paige participated with her in the eating of nature.

Josey is also makeup goddess. She did almost anyone who had amazing makeup for the dances. Her eyeliner is super on point at all times and she does amazing work. She also has a tendency to burn so you would frequently see her putting on sunscreen in the hall before Chilling on the Quad or Quadfest. So yeah... Josey for President 2kEveryYear.

Her semi-relationtip, Stripes, danced with her to every Iris song and everyone shipped them together since the beginning of the term cause they were super cute. She stood next to Sabrina Fiske at every American Pie as well, cause Sabrina needed Josey's emotional support for all of them.

She hung out with Drew, Henry, Sylvia, Ro, Stripes, Sabrina, Marisa, Katie Hyry (there are many Katies), Maggie and Skippy V, and was the matriarch of this new found family. They performed improv together in their free time one day during the first week along with August, Joseph and Adrian. Her favourite scene from that night was a scene she did with Ro and an imaginary T-Rex claw. When the dance got moved during the second week, the RCs put all of the fourth years together in Bassett to watch The Devil Wears Prada, and Josey basically spooned Sabrina the whole time.

The last night was an emotional night for Josey. She sat next to Sabrina and Stripes. Sabrina was low-key mad (jk no I wasn't but it makes for a good story) cause Stripes put his arm around Josey and was holding Josey's hand for almost the whole time, while Sabrina and everyone thought it was super cute. Josey participated in the Talent Show that evening. Josey was Main Office in her Doctor Doctor skit about one tipster, Trevor, always being mistaken as an RC. Josey's last night was spent with her new family, greasy chips, burritos and quesadillas and lots of tears and hand holding. During her last night she never let go her new family and they all stayed up that night with a series of super bad pickup lines and cuddle puddles.

On her last day of her fourth year, her friend Drew turned to her and said "If we're crying with the intention of it being art, then it's art right?"


In 2017, her brother came to second session and carried on her legacy.