JudgeMental: Decision Making and Social Judgments

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JudgeMental: Decision Making and Social Judgments
Offered 2005
Campus(es) East
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Oghkhay kids. Let's get down to business. A first year course, taught by former TA Clayton, and TAd by Daniel, little could have been expected. The students staged subtle rebellions, such as everyone standing whenever the teacher said "up", turning off the power, and saluting the teacher on the way into class. Mr. Bojangles is a vampire goatfish, and apparently also the class mascot. Tess Shaler was the most famous member of the class, and got sent home early.

Mr. Bojangles


  • “that was hard.” - Clayton in a dumb voice
  • “I said, uh … I liked the dance, too.” - Clayton
  • “This isn’t classtime” - Clayton @ the dance
  • “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck it could be a skunk in a duck costume - you don’t know that” - Clayton
  • “We must crush the majority’s bias of the oppressed minorities … we must circumvent their beliefs and cruch their schemas” - Gabby
  • “Class! Class! Shut up!” - Clayton
    • Tess:”Can we abstain our vote?”
    • TA Daniel:”No”
    • Tess:”This class does not support abstinence!”
    • TA Daniel: “Let’s play a concentration game”
    • Tess: “Concentration camp?!”
  • “I wrote down that Anthony would ask if it was a real study or not” - Clayton
  • “It’s like in the Flintstones” - Clayton
  • “What’s an enema?”
  • “you guys are pathetic” - Clayton
  • “…So a guy who’s a pacifist would be very pacific” - Clayton
  • “Oh, I thought it was about cocane. Tow the party line?”(snorting cocane motion) - Daniel
  • Democratic Textbook
  • “Ok, guys, let’s political-bash outside of class”-CC
  • “can you rephrase that?”-Ben
  • “Philosophers and psycologers”
  • Prozac in the water!
  • “Did you guys not get enough sleep last night?” “Uhh…
  • “And we put Andrew in the experimental condition and he’s like ‘ow’ a lot” - CC
  • “So why are you guys so tired” - “Crazy Partying”
  • “I feel like a fairy princess”
  • “If a tree falls in a forest, and no one percieves it…”
  • “What is the unchanged perception?”
  • “I have something to say, it’s relevant and it’s … intresting”
  • “It’s all about prepositions”
    • “What is in the chair?”
    • “What is in the chair?”
  • “It could just be my internal false consesus”
  • “I think your mom is cutting off the left side of the screen”
  • “Let me make an analogy: if it’s a sunny day ‘yay’, but then some rain comes through ‘aw, man’”
  • 7 jokes in a day
  • “My eyes hurt”
  • Hail Kremlin *salute*
  • “Whats my negitive feedback loop?”
  • “Satisfice is a pretty funny word”
  • Masochistic chocolate-choosers!
  • “Is there a peek-end for pleasure?”
  • “…it’s like when you eas a lot of masrhallows and get really sick, but when you don’t have a lot it’s all ‘man, i want some marshmallows’, but when you have 5 it’s pretty good”- Lauren
  • “it’s like in the movie Fight Club when they flash porn on the screen … ’cause i’m pretty sure my bother went and watched porn after watching Fight Club
  • They’re conducting experiments on us!
  • “Uhh…that was, us, that was fun.” - Clayton in responce to the birthday song
  • Bob, the supposed librarian
  • hot hands
  • Exotic Jams
  • No streaking!
  • Your bias doesn’t make you see your bias becasue your biased
  • “BIAS” “Can you define that without using ‘biased’”
  • Goatfish (if it looks like a goatfish and acts like a goatfish…)
  • “I was flashed by the pope”
    • “What is the indep. variable?”-Clayton
    • “Uhh…can you give me three choices?”-Tess
  • “I think we should just play videogames”
  • “Let’s have this racist discussion outside of class”-CC
  • “So 18 is kind of like an odd number”-CC
  • “You can’t not or shake your heads, and now you want to hurt the handicapped”-CC
  • “Daniel, will you be my interaction partner”-CC
  • “I’ll be your interaction partner anytime…”-Lauren
    • “Like RAAAR!”
    • “No, not like raar”
    • CC: I heard Daniel had an brillant Anchering and Adjustment TA session
    • DE:I did?
    • CC:That is what you told me
  • “Just kiding! God!”-CC
  • “Are there any questions about the quiz?”
  • TessJangles
    • “Group Hug”
    • “Prison of love”-Lauren
    • “Prison of love sounds like a bondage porno”-JP
    • “Oh,JP”-Lauren
  • “we just did something that was superfun!”-CC
    • Gabby:So for a guy, it counds as pimp, but for a girl, it counds as slut.
    • Daniel: Well, i didn’t really follow that, but, right
  • “So, how about those schemas?”-JP
  • “I want a quote”-Hannah
  • “Clayton reminds me of a cartoon character and it bothers me because i can’t remember which one.”…later…”Jimmy Neutron!” -Hannah
    • “Jimmy Neutron!”-Ben
    • “I … I don’t know who that is”-Clayton
  • “Like, if you have someone who’s mute, and you say that they maytalk, but they can’t”-Clayton
  • “I’m a love pirate, and I’m out for your booty.”-Gabby
  • Clayton got blisters from racquet ball and couldn’t open the door because he was putting on his stick
    • *knock knock*
    • “was that a knock on the door?”
    • *knock knock* (door is open)
    • “Ok, who’s knocking on their desk”
  • “whoa, gabby, that’s some intense scanning”-CC
  • “I’m just gonna go home and cry if you guyse don’t get this”-CC
  • “Stop playing with my nipple!”-Lauren(Cammel Pack)
    • Daniel:So what’s the third step
    • Ben:Schema!
    • “Oh! Oh! There’s the anxiety! It’s so much!”-Daniel
    • “and then you ignore the situation and judge the person!”-Shilpi
    • “Yeah!!”-Gabby
  • “What does it all mean, Daniel?”-Roxy

Documents from the class

Clayton top 10

Author: Ben Hogan

Top ten ways to know your name is Clayton Critcher:

  1. You look like Jimmy Neutron
  2. When your class laughs, you look to the T.A. with confusion
  3. Eating fruit snacks and drinking coffee is OK, but a student possessing a Snapple is an abomination
  4. You take pleasure in performing psychological experiments on unconsenting students
  5. At the TIP dance you ignore the rules and grind with all the ladies
  6. Every sip of coffee is accompanied by an elaborate 10 second facial spasm
  7. While the class is reading perfect hair becomes your priority
  8. You set a maximum of seven jokes per day
  9. Pink belts are your new style
  10. Before teaching your class salutes you

Guide to JudgeMental

Author: Ben Hogan

If you get called on and wern’t paying attention:

  1. Get him to say the question again. The best way to do this is to ask something like “can you rephrase that?”
  2. After attempting number one and he is actually able to rephrase the question, try to answer with a general concept. The most general concepts (in order of decreasing broadness) are:
    1. Naive realism
    2. Biased Assimilation
    3. Schemas
    4. Heuristics

Answer the question in the following format, adjusted for one of the concepts: “I think that it can be best associated with the concept of Naive Realism”

  1. Refer to Anthony or let him interupt you

JudgeMental Top 10

Top 10 ways to know JudgeMental is going downhill:

  1. Instead of using his laptop, Anthony knits in class.
  2. TA Daniel runs out of material and has the class write all the questions
  3. Ben becomes so bored, he writes top ten lists.
  4. The first five minutes of class are spent arguing about the time
  5. The class spends 2 hours drinking smoothies and eating McDonalds while the instructers try to make $3
  6. JP wears his pajamas to class
  7. Snapples are prohibited
  8. Anthony still uses computer analogies
  9. Gabby makes a snide remark in class and later apologizes about it in section
  10. TA Daniel wears stickers