Julian Galaz

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Julian Galaz is a TiPster who attended Wake Forest Term 1 '13 and Duke East Term 1 '14. He is easily one of the most hilarious, beautiful, and shortest TiPsters of all time. During his years at TiP he has come to be a part of many popular and influential social groups. During his time at Wake Forest, Julian had to experience the devastating 2013 NBA Championship, where his beloved Spurs lost in an exciting final game. This heightened the basketball rivalry between Julian and Wilson Morse, who happens to be a Heat fan and a close friend to Julian. Fortunately for Julian, he got his revenge the following year when the Spurs trampled the Heat in five games. Julian is known for his dark humor, stunning good looks, and making fun of Aniketh Dumpala. He is also known for being a genius in many varying fields of knowledge. Julian has many crowning achievements that truly show how amazing he is, and how much of an impact he has made on the TiP community.

  • Head Cheerleader-Average Joes Ultimate Frisbee Cheer Squad (Wake Forest Term 1 '13)
  • Writer, singer, and producer of the worldwide hit "Sweet Home New Delhi" ft. Mark Berry
  • Almost being placed on the "Sexiest Man Alive" edition of People Magazine '13
  • Finishing #1 on the "Most Enemies Made" list at Duke East Term 1 '14
  • Mistaken as both Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum multiple times '14
  • Head Cheerleader-Watercolors (Duke East Term 1 '14)
  • Elected leader of the "Youth Republicans of America"