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The KAELFIVE is basically high fiving oneself, but is only done after saying something douchey. It was brought to West Term II 2010 by Jandro and Ethan(E$) and quickly spread to all TiPsters at the camp. The KAELFIVE was created by one of Jandro and E$'s friends, from home, named Kael.

When you say something douchey, you follow up with the following dialogue:

"What Up! KAELFIVE! *Then High five yourself*


Girl-"Hey! What's up?" Guy-"Shut up, you're fat. What Up! KAELFIVE! *then highfives himself*"

Example 2:(Actually happened)

E$-"Hey Jandro" Jandro-"Your girlfriend is ugly! What up! KAELFIVE! *then highfives himself*"

This is how the KAELFIVE works. Join the facebook group! And feel free to add your favorite KAELFIVE's! [1]