Kaitlyn Mi

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Also known as Kai Meme, Kaitlyn Mi was a third year fourth year from Tennessee. She was always either jamming to k-pop, complaining about her scoliosis with Aerin Parker, or eating chocolate covered almonds in Maddy Malik's room.


  • "The Chopstick Crew!"
  • "Fan Mi."
  • "F for Effort."
  • "Don't die, it's bad for your health." (Note: a variation of this is 'Don't die, there's a lot of paperwork involved.')
  • "I did NOT get nicknamed "Thirsty" for no reason."
  • "OOOHHHHH do you have an instagram???"
  • "Boi."
  • "Well if you're a trash bag, then he's the trash man, because he's about to TAKE YOU OUT."


The Tale of Kai Meme

Kaitlyn Mi is widely known by the fourth years of Tech term 1 as Kai Meme. The names Kai and Meme originated separately, and the genius idea to rebaptize Kaitlyn with the title was Aerin Parker's (albeit Joseph Hardin is a Meme Thief and claims to have come up with it himself). It all began when Joseph posted a photo on instagram and tagged Kaitlyn, however he fuked it up and only tagged "Kai", hence the first part of the title. A separate incident occurred where Kaitlyn ordered Starbucks, and since the name "Kaitlyn" can be spelled many ways, she decided that the name "Mimi" was much simpler. Much to her dismay, the barista wrote "meme" on her cup, and thus, Kai Meme was born.


Year Term Campus Course RC Roommate
2014 2nd Georgia Tech Writing With Power Caroline Todd Willa
2015 1st Georgia Tech Biomedical Engineering Callie Sparkman Kierstin
2016 1st Georgia Tech Neuroscience Angel Street Charlotte
2017 1st Field Studies at Duke Clinical Psychology Lauren Shreshtha