Kamal family tree

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Kamal's Family Tree

Kamal Jackson's Father, Sebas's adopted father, Kevin Rose's grandfather, Davis's Great-uncle/great-Grandfather
Jackson Kamal's son, Sebas's adopted brother, Kevin Rose's Father, Davis's uncle/grandfather
Sebas Kamal's adopted son, Jackson's adopted brother, Kevin Rose's adopted uncle, Davis's adopted great-uncle/adopted uncle
Kevin Rose Kamal's grandson, Jackson's son, Sebas's adopted nephew, Davis's mom
Davis Kamal's great-grandson, Jackson's nephew/grandson, Sebas's adopted great-uncle/adopted uncle, Kevin Rose's son

Family History Controversy

other than the fact that every one of Kamal's descendants are white and Kamal is black (someone cheated) there is much controversy as to Davis's, Jackson's, and Kevin Rose's relationship within the tree. Davis believes Jackson to be his uncle which would be impossible if Kevin were Jackson's son and Davis were Kevin's son.

The Question of Sai

Sai claims to be the father of kamal which would make Sai a great-great-grandfather. It is unlikely that Sai is Kamal's father because he iss much younger than Kamal. Kamal has also openly denied the fact that Sai is his father. Despite these facts, Sai continues to claim fathership of Kamal.