Kannapolis Intimidators

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Single-A farm team for the Chicago White Sox.

Term 2 2012: Took place on the 2nd Saturday evening. It takes about 45 minutes to get there (on charter buses!) Bring cash, even though you get a food voucher- hotdog, chips, and drink- you can buy other junk food. The TiP seats are on the first base side in the outfield, and we got a shoutout on the scoreboard. We left around the 7th inning because it started to rain. If you leave your seat to get food, go to the bathroom, etc, you must travel in groups of 3 or 4 and tell your RC where you are going and check in every 15 minutes.

The Kannapolis Intimidators were not the worst team out there, but definitely not the best. For most of the TIPsters, the game consisted of traveling back and forth to concessions, and talking to friends. Beware that you will get in very big trouble if you don't return in 15 minutes.

Also, you are not allowed to purchase a bat in any way, shape, or form from the gift shop. They even tell the people who work there to not let us buy bat-shaped things.

This was the site of both the infamous Cotton Candy Incident in Term 1 2012 and the "Hey, I'm Herron" thing happened.

During Term 2 of 2013 an epic pandemic arose when one tipster named Dhruv in Ainé's RAG pointed out to another tipster named the oddness of one of the Grasshopper's player's name: Yefry Perez. Thus began the age of Yefry. The name Yefry was used in place of any noun, verb, or adjective in any sentence throughout the rest of that term. It went so far that Bryan used Yefry for his countoff till the end of that term. During that same game of Term 2, 2013 Bryan coined the phrase "K-Town Born and Raised". It went on to become the cover of Ainé's Rag's t-shirt. It was the best phrase ever yelled in the history of all phrasees ever yelled at a Kannapolis Intimidators game.