Kara Middleton

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ASU Term 2 2014

Kara's first year at Duke TiP. She arrived on the beautiful campus of Appalachian State University in early July, and was on the Fifth Floor of White (the party floor). She took the class Theatre Arts and was in Olivia's RC group. She met many people, including Irene Rho, Catherine (Sparky) Sparks, Sarah Hitt, Max Wolff (her relationtip), Madison Ward, Luke Simmers, Ariana Lazo, Grace Adams Ward, and many other beautiful people.

At ASU T2 2014, she was a part of the Red team for PITfest, did "A Thousand Miles" for TIPsync, and sang "Lean on Me" for the talent show with three other people.

Notable events include: wearing a bedsheet for character day.

ASU T1 2015

One of the few second years at Appalachian State University because she loved it so much. Took the class Creative Writing (best fuckin class ever) and met people like Sheetal Tadiparty (they together started the tradition of "HI, FRIEND!"), Patrick Markovitz, Jack "Jesus" Little (her relationtip), Laura Gail, Gambit, Tyler McHan, and many others, as well as reuniting with Catherine "Sparky" Sparks.

She was in the class of Creative Writing, on the green team for PITfest, and in Megan's RC group, aka The Spice Cabinet, which performed "Wannabe" for TIPsync. She made her opera debut at the talent show, singing "Think of Me" from Phantom of the Opera and hitting a A#5.

Notable events include: Kicking the ceiling at the second dance during American Pie, singing opera at the talent show, creating the "HI, FRIEND" phenomenon, taking three different people to the dances, having her first kiss on the ASU quad during the last week, and wearing a bedsheet on character day for the second year in a row.

UGA T1 2016

Kara Middleton arrived on the UGA campus for the first time on June 12, 2016, and from there, she had found a new home. During her time at UGA, she met many people, including Karson Knoll (her relationtip), Mary Elizabeth Marquardt, Sophie Green, Skylar Collins, Caroline Brewer, Lucy Bowling, Mabry Smyer, Abby Clingman, Hannah Dove, Morgan Miller, Scottie Pearson-Thompson, and Jacob Gilliam, while also being reunited with people from previous years, including Sarah Weber, Irene Rho, Luke Simmers, and Riley McEleven.

She took the class The Brain, Intelligence, and Creativity, was on the Green Team for DAWGfest, and was in Addy's RC group, which performed "Stick to the Status Quo" for TIPsync.

Notable events include: her relationtip, Karason, wearing a bedsheet for character day for the third year in a row, singing opera at the talent show ("Think of Me", again), being named Meme Queen for 2017, and knowing Josh Marshall since the sixth grade.

UGA T1 2017

Kara Middleton walked into tip for the last time on June 11, 2017, and was handed an orange lanyard. She met new people, like Sarah Langmaid, Olivia Layton, Hailey Wunder, Abby Simpson, Cesar de Leon, William Giliberti (her relationtip), Jackson Evans, Ethan Dupre, Micheal Starr, and Ariel Wallace, along with being reunited with many people from past years that she is way too lazy to name, except for Sarah Unowsky and Sparky.

She was in the class Infectious Diseases, on the Blue team for DAWGfest, was in Kira's RC Group which performed "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" for TIPsync, and probably adopted way too f*ckin many children.

Notable events include: singing opera for the talent show ("Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" from Phantom, hitting another A#5), adopting multiple children, wearing a bedsheet for the fourth and final year in a row, attempting to hug everyone in the outer circle of the last dance, crying uncontrollably into the microphone during fourth year speeches, being the sister of Quinn Baker, a former RC, tipster, and creator of Dogtags, being named as a Meme Position, wearing two gay pride flags on Gay Day, and generally being overexcited about tip, to the point of somewhat scaring people.

Life Outside Tip

Kara Middleton went to the same school as many tipsters, such as Connor Buehler, Ginny Flory, Gabby Herrick, Reese Sundren, Quinn Baker, and probably some others that she doesn't know about.

She is heavily involved in the Theatre program at South Forsyth High School, and everyone in the theatre program is constantly annoyed with how much she talks about Duke Tip.

She attempts to have tipunions often, given that she lives in the Greater Atlanta area, which has many tipsters, and visits Alabama to see her grandmother, which is where many tipsters like Sparky, Karson Knoll, Xiara, and probably a ton of other tipsters dwell.

She constantly says that Tip has both changed and saved her life, both to tipsters and to non-tipsters. She is constantly found wearing her dogtags and freaking out whenever a tip song plays, because she is unlucky enough that it happens quite often.

She attended move-in day of UGA T1 2018 to see her beautiful children become fourth years. Notably, she saw Lucy Bowling aka TiP Moses 2018,Alisha Simmons, Bennett Hargis, Shaun Russo, Jackson Evans, Amanda Barnett, and Alexa Maverick.

She loves her tip family very much, and it was very painful to say goodbye, but in the words of Winnie the Pooh, "How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?"

Kara out, y'all. Tip is love, tip is life, tip is home.